An industrial pilot in a dedicated centre

Ergodeveloppement ® has an industrial NATfresh Process® pilot dedicated to the invention of vacuum cooling. This industrial pilot is located in a technical centre in Alsace (Haut-Rhin) close to the ‘Parc Naturel régional des ballons des Vosges’.

Pilote industriel ERGOvac™

Ergodeveloppement ® Group’s headquarters location (Source: googlemaps)


Licence Ergodeveloppement

Photo of Ergodeveloppement®’s headquarters building

The industrial pilot enables the Ergodeveloppement ® group, not only, to validate the specific process parameters (qualitative, quantitative, performance) but also to prepare the requirements and specifications for each project in the agri-food or in the fish industry.

Pilote ERGOvac™

Photo of the NATfresh® pilot owned by ERGOvac™

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