Financial support

ERGOvac™ is fully aware of current economic problems and proposes different financing solutions to farmers and manufacturers of food products.
The main objectif of these financing solutions is to facilitate the purchase of a ERGOvac™ vacuum cooling machine for food products.

Aiuto per il sostegno finanziario (EN)

Different types of subsidies are available: European National Regional These aids are mainly provided by [...]

Leasing (EN)

Clients can benefit from ERGOvac™ relationships with its financial partners. This concept not only allows [...]

Noleggio (EN)

ERGOvac™ can offer farmers and industrials, who so wish, a ERGOvac™ vacuum cooling machine, in [...]

Regolamento dell'ambiente (EN)

Climate change is a global challenge. Human activity is partly responsible for the increase of [...]

Richiesta di preventivo