A faster conservation of the fish with ERGOvac™

Historically human beings prefer to eat fresh fish. However, since the fish degrades very quickly, human beings had to implement methods to improve its conservation. The first way to maintain the fish quality and aspect is to keep it alive up to the place of consumption. It is important to clarify that the fish is a fragile food that degrades and can get contaminated very quickly if it is not handled with strict hygiene rules. Poorly preserved, the fish degrades and may constitute a health risk.

Crustaceans’ conservation issues are similar to those of fish.

A better fish conservation with the NATfresh process®

This is why ERGOvac™ has developed a unique technology: the NATfresh® process puts the fish and crustaceans in a state of catalepsy. These seafood products can, then, be kept alive until their place of consumption. There the only thing to do will be to gradually raise the temperature of the water in order to raise the temperature of the animal’s blood to have it alive and fresh again. This innovation works only with cold blooded animals.

Conservation poissons & crustacés

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