A 100% natural preservation of your flowers

Culture conditions of plants (light intensity, temperature, hygrometry, fertilizer product intake and phytosanitary treatments) have a significant impact on the quality and duration of a flower’s life.

The main problems encountered after the cutting of flowers are:

  • hydric imbalance
  • growth regulators imbalance
  • nutritional imbalance

Comparison of the methods for flowers’ conservation

Most conventional processes for flowers’ conservation require the use of chemicals. With ERGOvac™ there is no addition of chemical product, plants retain their turgescence and this is 100% natural. On an indicative basis, the following table summarizes the performance for some floral species. This list is not exhaustive.

Comparative table on the length of preservation of flowers (in days)

FlowerCold roomWith ERGOvac™

Conservation fleurs

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