Keep your food products fresh, but not only…

The conservation of living fresh products at the place of production raises many issues but some other concerns are:

  • The conservation of fruits and vegetables and food products ready for raw consumption. They are referred to as fourth range food products.
  • The conservation of pre-cooked, sterilized and packaged in vacuum-sealed bags ready-to-eat food products. They are referred to as fifth range food products.

Fourth and fifth range products are subject to a DLC (expiry date of consumption). And According to the Regulation (Art. R.112 – 1 of the consumer Code), the DLC must be written on the packaging of the products. The affixing of a date limit on the food aims to inform the consumer on the limit beyond which a food is likely to have lost its microbiological or organoleptic, physical, nutritional, gustatory qualities etc. Only products with a date limit of consumption must be removed from sale and consumption once that date is reached.

Current R&D’s studies aim to extend dates limits of consumption of products of fourth and fifth range. ERGOvac™ will provide you with a solution tailored to your needs to keep fresh any grated carrot or any other peeled vegetables packaged in vacuum-sealed bags.

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