Bring about a revolution in meats conservation with ERGOvac™

The atmosphere is composed of approximately 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen and meat fats begin to oxidise once they are exposed to the oxygen.
This phenomenon, known as rancidity, results from a fast microbiological degradation process; anaerobic bacteria are thus responsible for the meat’s putrefaction. According to the type of packaging, meats purchased from stores can be conserved from 1 to 3 weeks.

Keep the meat longer with NATfresh® technology

La technologie NATfresh® permet d’augmenter considérablement la durée de conservation des viandes rouges et blanches.

The NATfresh® technology allows to significantly increase red and white meat’s shelf life.
Our cooling solution is primarily aimed at slaughter and meat processing plants (primary processing products) but it is also suitable for secondary processing products (vacuum-packed or reconstituted meats).

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