An industrial pilot in a R&D centre

In a continuing effort to improve and to optimise its processes, the ERGOvac™’s centre for research and innovation offers to customers, who so wish, to conduct tests in real conditions. Our agronomist shall carry out this real-life testing using the industrial pilot. If you ask yourself again the question: ‘is ERGOvac™’s concept the solution to increase my tomatoes’ shelf life? To get an answer: quickly book your test!

Pilote ERGOvac™

Industrial pilot

Ergodeveloppement ® has an industrial NATfresh Process® pilot dedicated to the invention of vacuum cooling. [...]

Research & innovation

Located in the heart of Alsace, at the foot of the ‘Parc Naturel des [...]

Request for real-life testing

ERGOvac™ R & D centre carries out tests upon request, according to the availabilities of [...]

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