Products preserved better and for a long time…

ERGOvac™’s NATfresh® process applies to a wide range of products. The food products concerned are those falling within the categories of first, fourth and fifth range.

The preservation of food products is a key issue in today’s society both from an economic and health point of view; This is why ERGOvac™ has developed a unique preservation process that allows to increase by 3 times the shelf life of food products.

A preservation process suitable for all food products

Among the products suitable for a pre-cooling / cooling with ERGOvac™ can be mentioned:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Fish and crustaceans
  • Meats
  • Cut flowers

*Observed average value. The shelf life expectancy varies according to the product and the harvesting conditions.

Picture of lamb’s lettuce:

Conservation mâche

15 days later, with a classic preservation (cold room):

Conservation mâche

15 days later, with a ERGOvac™ process’s preservation

Conservation mâche

50 days later, with a ERGOvac™ process’s preservation

Fishes & shellfishes

Improved conservation of fish and crustaceans thanks to catalepsy


Preservation adapted to each type of fruit immediately after harvest


Considerable increase of the life of vegetables


The atmosphere is composed of approximately 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen and meat fats begin [...]


Conversation of flowers 100% natural without any chemicals

Processed food

Preservation of agricultural products and flood preparations ready for use

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