Our range of standard preservation Machines

ERGOvac™ cooling machines operate on the principle of a hybrid pair vacuum and cold. They are presented in the form of a hermetic enclosure (tunnel), which contains an evaporator. Our machines’ technical room is equipped with vacuum pumps, compressors, a cold circuit, an electrical cabinet, many sensors and connecting pipes.

Standard ERGOvac™ cooling Machines are configured as follows:

  • Capacity of the Machines: 2 to 12 pallets (Europe pallets)
  • Type of Machines:
    • Manual
    • Automatic
  • Method of loading
    • Pallet truck with manual door
    • Automatic with conveyors
  • Accessibility
    • 1 door
    • 2 doors (pass-through machine)

From the modelling to the elaboration

Machine standardMachine Nantes

  • Cooling cell with automatic loading and sliding door
  • Cooling Machine used in the salads-growing industry

Chargement manuel bis

  • Cooling cell with manual loading (fork-lift)
  • Cooling Machine used for small farms (a few cycles launched per day)

Chargement manuel

  • Cooling cell with manual loading (manual stacker)
  • Cooling Machines with 4 pallets
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