ERGOvac™ who are we?

ERGOvac™ who are we?

ERGOvac™ is a subsidiary owned by the Ergodeveloppement ® group. For more than 20 years Ergodeveloppement ® implements industrial solutions adapted to the requirements of its customers. Versatility is the real strength of the group. Ergodeveloppement ® has it own research office, production unit (boilermaking, machining) and assembling department but also its own maintenance team. Its vocation: provide customers with turnkey solutions.


Ergodeveloppement ® offers via its subsidiary ERGOvac™ a 100% French solution adapted to the needs of farmers and industralists, with an exclusive license for France and an extension to the international level.

A team attentive to its customers

From a rigorous analysis of the customer needs, our team writes the requirements and specifications. As soon as these are validated, the conception phase can begin. This phase will take into account, for instance, the constraints related to the implantation of the ERGOvac™ machine. The components of the cooling machine are then manufactured and assembled in our premises to be tested before delivery. The ERGOvac™ team takes charge of, not only the assembly of the machine at the customer’s location (with all its connections), but also the entry into service of the machine, the testing and the training of the staff who will have to work on the machine. In addition, we offer our clients, who so wish, a personalised follow-up and a maintenance in order to prevent any failure in the system.

Projet clé en main - ERGOvac™

An innovative food products cooling process

The NATfresh® ERGOvac™ process allows a cooling at the core of the product in only 20 minutes. This revolutionary cooling technology can be applied to food products from 1st, 4th and 5th range. This innovation is suitable for both farmers and industrialists.

Refroidissement à coeur avec ERGOvac™

Bring about a revolution in food preservation

Our unique and highly efficient technology presents multiple benefits for the preservation of fresh products, which are not only limited to a rapid pre-cooling and to energy saving needs.

The NATfrash Process® is:


  • Cooling in the core of fruits, vegetables, meats
  • Product shelf life increased by 3 times*

* Observed average value. Shelf life expectancy varies according to the product and harvesting conditions.

100% natural

  • No additives, no food alteration
  • Preservation of living products’ turgidity


  • Food cooling in 20 minutes to facilitate the transport and the food products storage

Economic, ecological

  • 5 to 10 times less energy-consuming than conventional processes
  • Technology compatible with the implementation of the standard ISO 50001
  • Reduction of food waste

More respectful of the product

  • No product alteration

Taste preserved

  • Organoleptic properties preserved

Scalable capacity

  • Adaptation of machine’s size to the customer’s constraints


  • Integration adapted to your current preservation and distribution process


  • Significant health risks reduction


  • Various applications
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